OCC Chorister Reflections

Our Choristers say...

  • The OCC is like a big family. There is nowhere that I feel more comfortable than with my choir family who share my love of music and having fun through music making. Through solo and group performances with the OCC, I have developed the skills and confidence to stand on stage and sing for audiences such as my classmates at school. My eyes have been opened to a variety of local organizations that help our community thanks to the OCC's participation in local events and fundraisers. They have inspired me to bring fundraisers to my own school in order to help even more in my community. I have matured very much by going on the tours that the OCC provides. Learning to spend at least a week without your parents is a great life experience that helps you prepare for being on your own later on.

  • I learned that through singing, you can always put a smile on someone’s face no matter what.

  • Choir is amazing! It’s a place where you can express your feelings and be yourself. You can sing your best and feel comfortable. I feel like choir is another home, we are all like one big, happy family. Whenever a concert starts, I’m always nervous, but when I get up I just sing and I’m always then relaxed because I know that I have another 40 friends to back me up.

  • My favourite memory was when we sang for a Seniors home. It made me feel good because I was doing it for a great cause.

  • I learned about the importance and power that we have in a community from our performance with PACT Urban Peace program. It was a great experience, we gave back and we learned the effect that we have on the world.

  • It has been very fun and I hope that kids can join the choir to have as much fun as I have had and meet all the new friends I have met.

  • Being a part of the OCC is about more than the musical notes of do, re, mi. You start off by learning the basics but your experience and musicality grows from there. The OCC has allowed me to take an active leadership role and give back to the community. I have helped young Jack raise money for Sick Kids hospital and raised money for education for young women in Afghanistan both through the OCC. I have made great friendships and developed as a young person in the friendly and caring environment of the OCC.

  • Being in the choir has given me more self-confidence because of the performance experiences and I now feel comfortable doing presentations and performances.

  • Singing in performances has given me more self-confidence because you get used to being in front of large crowds and doing your best performances. Being in the Senior Choir has helped me create very special bonds and friendships with other choristers, especially when we went on retreat to Albion Hills. It was very special for me when we sang Give us hope for the PACT Urban Peace program. It really feels good to know that you are helping out in the community.